Concept, Design, Synthetic images 3d, photography, web, Research & development
Concept, Design, Synthetic images 3d, photography, web, Research & development

The right way to achieve your project

Concept, Design, Synthetic images 3d, photography, web, Research & development

The right way to achieve your project

Ideas lead to power







Synthetic images / 3D







Aerial Imagery



Hoodtie accessoire inedit cravate

Create the unexpected

Hoodie Titanium tie accessory for men

A New Style Game

Time to fly on new markets?

Unlock the desire

Product design

BlackCat Factory proposes ideas and concepts for new products and collections.
We provide product design based on a long experience in luxury goods.

Without knowing that we have designed them, you already saw our creations.

Digital product visualization

BlackCat Factory provides a full service from a simple sketch or engineering CAD data to high-end digital product visualizations.

We create dramatic photos, real images, animations and effects for print, web and broadcast commercials from any available information.

Graphic Design

A creative and passionate team will help your business stand out with dynamic and relevant communication for your industry.

BlackCat Factory has wide experience from the creation to the technical finalisation of your prints or digital files.

Specialized in
the watchmaking world

Watch design and concept

Our team benefits from an experience of over 16 years in the field of “Haute Horlogerie”, whether in the design of new watch models, the evolution of a product or the creation of innovative concepts.

Thanks to this knowledge, our creations are the result of an aesthetic study also taking into account the technical constraints, the feasibility and the production costs.

3D animated films

  • Aesthetical presentation of a watch model
  • Technical demonstration of mechanical complications
  • Journey to the heart of a watch movement
  • “Exploded” watch movement, dial and case

Our various achievements led us to animate the most sophisticated “Grandes Complications” and to make the digital modeling of the highly advanced watch mechanics, giving us unparalleled experience.

Synthetic images (CGI)

We also generate realistic 3D images to highlight your products that can be used on all media.

These visuals have already allowed the promotion of new products even before they were finalized.


Flyers, invitations



Activity Report

Brochure, Newspaper



Advertising on vehicles

Promotional gifts



Upgrade logo

Graphic Charter

Visit Card, Head letter, etc.


Shooting product in studio

Photo reportage

Photo retouching


Industrial simulation


Highlight your company’s skills and services

The best way to show any fabrication process whether mixing 3D imagery, digital video, drone shootings and photography.

Through a good cinematographic image of your company you will raise the value of your products.

Application domain

  • Simulation of production lines
  • Demonstration of product or component manufacturing
  • Manual operation or demonstration
  • Business overview

High level
architectural design integration

Aerial Imagery, High level
Architectural design integration

Aerial imagery

High level
Architectural design integration

Architectural simulation

BlackCat Factory proposes realistic visual integrations of your architectural design within existing environment. Whether for projects like a small house, or bigger like our simulations above. And of course even more ambitious ideas.

In addition, BlackCat Factory offers a full design service for further development or personalization of your project.

Ground and/or aerial imagery
We use professional photographic material and Drones to take pictures or movies on site with the exact angle you want.

Realistic 3D images and integration
For the next step we render your CAD data with specialized CGI softwares and more importantly, with our knowledge. Finally we integrate the result into the real images.

The whole process is made in a short space of time with astonishing results giving you the best chance to make the deal.

Looking for new insights?

Our philosophy

“There is a right time to meet people and make things happen, this is when we share the same ideas and taste.
Create emotions through beauty is the best way to build iconic products.
If you liked our way to communicate feelings this means that now is the right time to meet each other.”

Let’s discover what future holds working together.

BlackCat Factory
1422 Grandson – Switzerland
T. +41 24 426 33 22

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